What is IMS Learning Design?

Link: What is IMS Learning Design? (pdf).

A CETIS briefing on IMS Learning Design, which is a specification used to describe learning scenarios. IMS Learning Design allows these scenarios to be presented to learners online, and enables them to be shared between systems. It can describe a wide variety of pedagogical models, or approaches to learning, including group work and collaborative learning. It does not define individual pedagogical models; instead it provides a high level language, or meta-model, that can describe many different models. The language describes how people perform activities using resources (including materials and services), and how these three things are coordinated into a learning flow.

No longer current

What is IMS Content Packaging?

Link: What is IMS Content Packaging? (pdf).

A CETIS briefing on IMS Content Packaging, a specification for sending learning resources (or learning objects) from one program to another, facilitating easier delivery, reuse and sharing of materials. IMS Packages enable you to export content from one virtual learning environment (VLE), content management system or digital repository, and import it into another while retaining information describing the media in the IMS Package, and how it is structured, such as a table of contents or the HTML page to show first.

No longer current.