Leap2A: A specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability

Link: Leap2A: A specification for e-portfolio portability and interoperability (Reformatted for author’s website).
Originally published in ALT-N issue 16 [2009].

Summary: Leap2A is a specification for information portability and interoperability between electronic portfolio tools and related systems. It has been developed through close collaboration between e-portfolio system developers, to ensure immediate applicability and relative ease of implementation. It covers learner-owned or learner-focused artefacts, information and reflections that people are likely to want to use themselves or present to others, in the context of educational, personal, professional or career development, including personal abilities, achievements, activities, plans and resources. The development projects are supported by the JISC, and managed through JISC CETIS.

Technology Change in Higher and Further Education- a Service Oriented Approach

Link: Technology change in higher and further education- a service oriented approach (html).

An online publication for those involved in strategic planning, deployment, and implementation of IT systems in educational institutions. It takes a socio-technical perspective and the structure of the materials is based on the life-cycle model based on Enid Mumford’s work. The sections consider why you might want to move in this direction, your state of readiness, approaches you might take, and the technological options available. The authors provide information and insights from the extensive experience they collectively bring from senior management, through to strategic and technical development in education.