JISC CETIS 2010 Informal Horizon Scan

Link: JISC CETIS 2010 Informal Horizon Scan (pdf).

This report outlines some technology trends and issues of interest and relevance to CETIS. It should be seen as a set of un-processed perceptions rather than the product of a formal process; a great deal of ground is not scanned in this paper and it should be understood that no formal prioritisation process was undertaken. We hope it will stimulate discussion and recognise that this kind of material is by its nature contestable.

The trends identified are:

  1. Current Trends and the Here-and-Now
    1. Linked Data and the Low -fibre Semantic Web
    2. Learning Platform Architectures
    3. Competence and learning outcomes
    4. Mobile Platforms Converging
    5. Augmented Reality Going Mobile and Mainstream
    6. Sharepoint
    7. e-Textbooks
    8. Image Analysis and Semantic Query
    9. Rising interest in “Business Intelligence”
  2. Almost here
    1. HTML 5 and next-gen browsers
    2. Open Data and the need for a new information literacy
  3. More Speculative Developments and Interesting Outliers
    1. Non-relational Databases
    2. Real-time services
    3. Declarative Workflow
    4. Dynamical Modelling of the Enterprise
  • Author(s): Various members of JISC CETIS
  • Publication date:
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  • Serial number: 2010:R01