JISC CETIS 2011 Informal Horizon Scan

Link: JISC CETIS 2011 Informal Horizon Scan (pdf).

This report outlines some technology trends and issues of interest and relevance to CETIS. It should be seen as a set of un-processed perceptions rather than the product of a formal process; a great deal of ground is not scanned in this paper and it should be understood that no formal prioritisation process was undertaken. The CETIS Horizon Scan should be seen as a set of potentially-idiosyncratic “takes”, material on which discourse and disputation may occur to make possible futures more clear.

The trends identified are

  1. Mobile as web first citizen
  2. Devices: form factors proliferating, capabilities converging
  3. Motion capture controllers for gestural interfaces
  4. Cross-platform applications
  5. Machine learning on the web
  6. Educational informatics
  7. Content management and application framework convergence
  8. Development of better tools for using, embedding and discovering open licences
  9. Public sector data
  10. Mobile applications
  11. eTextbooks
  • Author(s): Various members of JISC CETIS
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  • Serial number: 2011:R02