What is a level of competence?

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Published as: Simon Grant and Cleo Sgouropoulou (2011) What is a level of competence? In: Christian M. Stracke (ed.) Competence Modelling for Human Resources Development and European Policies: Bridging Business, Education and Training. ISBN: 9783942183536

Abstract: In areas where competence can be greater or lesser, a level of competence defines a reference point that someone may have, or may not yet have, attained. Levels may be specific to an area or, often, generic, in which case they are assessed for specific areas of ability. Levels must first be defined in frameworks, and then competence concepts can be assigned levels following those frameworks. The eCOTOOL competence model offers information structures both for defining levels and for assigning them. This is intended to contribute to effective interoperability specifications. Examples of defined levels stretch back in history to craft guilds, and today they come in many forms. Examples are here presented, which the eCOTOOL model covers well. The eCOTOOL competence model offers a good way of understanding what a level of competence is.

Keywords: level, ability, skill, competence, framework, level definition, level assignment, information model.

This paper was presented at the 5th European Conference: “Competence Modelling for European HR and Policies: Bridging Business, Education, and Training” (COME-HR) – Brussels, Belgium 2011.

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